Graanendal FAQ

Graanendal Estate would like to offer potential as well as current residents the opportunity to view frequently asked questions.   

Where do I obtain my black dustbin and green recycling bin from? And what is the cost involved?

Refer to the City of Cape Town link on applications for black and recycling bins: Link

What are the bin collection days?

Black bin collections days are Tuesdays and Recycling Wednesdays.

How and from whom - do I obtain a vehicle access sticker?

Contact the Estate Manager’s Helpdesk at (T): 021 492 4308, (E): for further assistance.

Who is allowed to be registered for biometric access? How is it obtained and what are the requirements for it?

Biometrics access can be registered for permanent residents and their employees. Contact the Estate Security Office on 082 608 4867

How do I register access for my domestic worker and gardener? And what are the requirements for this access?

All outside workers / contractors permanently employed i.e. employed for more than 3 days are required to register at the Estate Security Office, as authorised by the resident. They need to provide a copy of their SA ID document together with the relevant access form (if gardener or domestic) signed by their employee, for biometric  access.

What are the local emergency and municipal contact numbers?

Security Supervisor
082 608 4867

Graanendal Guard House phase 2 Breerivier Street
021 979 3228 / 072 192 2788

Graanendal Guard House phase 3 Olifantsrivier Avenue
021 492 4307 / 079 603 4518

Security (Night) Patrolman
082 608 4867

021 970 3811/2

10 111

021 444 7290

084 124 / 082 911

(021) 931 6129

084 569 1510

Solid waste refuse bins
021 400 5938

WastePlan Recycling
086 111 6699

Water and Sewerage
086 010 3089

Roads and Stormwater
080 065 6463

086 003 7566 / 086 010 3089

Villa Cortona Sister Venter
021 975 6230

What are the security office contact numbers?
How and to whom do I apply to do building alternations to my home?

Refer to the Architectural Guidelines Manual on the website for all requirements and then plans for approval to the Estate’s Management Office who will assist you further with the process.

Who do I advise of a change of contact information?

To update your contact details for all general correspondence email: . To change your account contact information, email:

What are the approved paint colours for my home and who needs to approve any changes?

Swatches of the approved paint colours as well as the paint colour codes are available at the Estate Office for viewing.  Approved paint colours can be bought from Midas, Bellville or Spiros, Durbanville.